tangoKites - the Pilgrimage

2 April 2001 - 13 May 2002

East by East
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Update December 2021

Twenty years ago I made an epic trip: For more than a full year I travelled around the world; a complete circle (with an overshoot and a coda) in easterly direction.

I had worked on a contract in Abu Dhabi for three years and had saved up a pile of money, and a round-the-world journey seemed to be the best way of spending it. I called the journey

tangoKites - the Pilgrimage

because at that time I had two passions: kites and tango (hence the domain name tangoKites.org). I wanted to visit all the "holy" places connected to kites as well as tango, so I spent the first six months in Korea, Japan and China (red line in the picture above) before I followed the Sun and transfered to the southern hemisphere for Indonesia and Argentina (and other countries in South America).

This was before the word blog was invented, but my intention was to make a travel diary and continually update this page. I was bringing an iBook, a Nikon F90X SLR camera, a wonderful little pocket APS camera called Nikon Nuvis S and a Panasonic NV-MX300 digital video camera. Both of the still cameras were analog, but the video camera had a button for taking still digital pictures, and it is only those digital pictures I use in this diary. Twenty years ago resolution on digital cameras was quite low; this had less than 2 megapixels. The memory card for the pictures was only 8 MB! I also had an DPA (Digital Personal Assistant for those who don't remember): a Handspring Visor Platinum on which I scribbled my diary notes.

The updating procedure for the first two months (Korea, China and Japan) went fairly well until I came to Weifang the second time for the start of my two-and-a-half months round trip in China. At that time in China you could purchase a small card with login details that gave you internet connection. The iBook had a built-in modem which I connected to the telephone line in my hotel room, but when I started uploading I heard voices on the telephone line: it was a truly shared connection, and of course all data transfers failed. This was repeated in other hotels and I gave up on the continuous diary updating.

However, in October 2021 I found this nice little tool JuiceboxBuilder with which you easily can create picture galleries, so I decided to complete the "travel diary" by just adding picture galleries from the different places I had been to. Unfortunately I had by carelessness lost the Visor in Buenos Aires, so I don't have the diary notes available anymore. Thus the travel notes from Beijing in June 2001 and onwards are only the galleries of still pictures from the video camera plus what I still remember (20 years after).

The cost for the basic round-the-world ticket was SEK 21 550 (in today's value SEK 28 500, i.e. about Euro 2800). As a back-up for the tickets (at that time the proper paper tickets were required) I emailed copies of them to my hotmail account in case I lost any.

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The site is created solely by finger tapping HTML except for the picture galleries from Beijing and onwards which are created using JuiceboxBuilder.