Basic ticket for the round-the-world trip.

With the basic ticket (split into four parts due the many flights) I could make a stop-over as long as I liked at any of the destination, and change the date for next leg anytime without extra cost.
It was a really flexible ticket!

First basic ticket part:
Stockholm - London - Hongkong - Seoul - Hongkong.

Here I did not use the last leg back to Hongkong. Instead I bought a separate flight from Seoul to Guiyang, China, for the first of three kite festivals in China.

After those kite festivals I bought a separate return flight Qingdao to Tokyo.

Second basic ticket part:
Beijing - Hongkong.

I used this after my second stay in China, three and a half months long. For the Taiwan kite festival I bought a separate return flight to Taipei from Hongkong.

Third basic ticket part:
Hongkong - Denpasar - Sydney - Buenos Aires - Miami.

I made shorter or longer stops in Denpasar, Sydney and Buenos Aires.

From Buenos Aires I bought separate tickets both for domestic flights to Ushuaia and El Calafate, as well as international flights to São Paulo, Bogota and Medellin.

Miami was just a connection point to get to Trinidad-Tobago.

Fourth basic ticket part:
Miami - Port of Spain (Trinidad) - Miami - London - Stockholm.