Kites Over Svithiod

What do you know about Swedish kiting? What do Swedes know about kiting? Where is there any information on this?

Drakar Över Svithiod (DÖS: Kites Over Sweden) is a network for and of people in Sweden that in one way or the other are occupied with kites. ("Svithiod" is by the way an ancient name for Sweden.)

The aim with the network is to distribute and supply information on anything that concerns kiting:
- When and where Kite Festivals are arranged.
- Where you can by kite building material.
- Where you can by ready made kites.
- Where there is people that can put up a kite workshop.
and the most important:
- Where to find other kiters.

All this goes for single line kites as well as dual and quadro liners.

The overall objective is of course to get more Swedes to play more with kites.

DÖS is not an association with a board, meetings and membership fees. It exists only virtually on the Web as an idea (starting April 1997).

From the Swedish pages on the DÖS site one can mesh in by filling in a form and send to the WebMaster. Optionally (provided an SAE has been submitted) new updates will be sent by snail mail.

However, DÖS, can not be held responsible for any contacts established via the network. Kiting is an experience which might take you into thin air...

There is also another background for forming this network. It seems that "out in the rest of the world" there is an interest in Swedish kiting. Probably the excursions of Sala Kite & Tango Party that has founded this interest.

This inspiration to build DÖS comes from Raoul Fosset of Le Noveau Cervoliste, Belgium, and Rudi Olin, Långås which is hereby gratefully acknowledged.

WebMaster Andreas Ågren