A short week in Sydney.


Sydney 4 - 11 November

Visiting Australia for just one week might seem ridiculous, especially as it was not a Pilgrimage destination per se. My reason for stopping over on the way to Buenos Aires was just to meet my daughter who would arrive from Sweden for an au-pair stint in the beginning of November.

Before leaving Bali I had put a question in rec-kites: "Is there any kite flying in Sydney on Sunday 5 November", and I had got a reply: "Yes, our monthly club flying is at Shoalhaven Heads Beach. Take a train to Bomaderry station and we'll pick you up".

I got out of the airport fairly quick though I had to put the Layang Goang that I had got made in Lombok in quarantine until my departure, since it was made of banana plant.

At Bomaderry station I was surprised to be met by Karen Gamble, whom I had met on my first kite tour in Indonesia six years earlier (see video Sari's Flying Circus). The wind at the beach was unfortunately too strong for any of my kites (and most of the other's too), soo we didn't stay too long.

Since I had gone directly from the airport to the beach I hadn't booked any hotel, but the Gambles, Karen and Geoffrey, promptly invited me to stay in their house for my short Sydney stay. I of course happily accepted their offer.

At the Gambles' house I was impressed of how much kites and kite making material they had. When I somewhat proudly told them that the Viking Ship kite that my group Sala Kite & Tango Party had designed a few years earlier was in the new edition of Ron Moulton's KITES (pp. 220), Geoffrey, who had that new edition, looked it up and said "Let's build one!"

We in the Party had built all our Viking Ship kites in low tech matrial such as bamboo for gardening support and cloths from our many get-together dinners, and I was impressed that Geoffrey had all the necessary high tech material at hand: ripstop and carbon fibre tubes. The plan in the book is not overly detailed, but with my 'expertise' being present we mangaged quite well and the kite flew successfully at first test.

I spent the remaining few days till my daughter arrived doing the sights in Sydney: the Opera house, of course, the Harbour bridge, Sydney Harbour National Park (where there was an exhibition of modern sculptures) etc., and of course walking all the nice streets. Geoffrey also brought me to Bondi Beach and I was happy to fly my Salida Sled next to the sign post where it said No kite flying!. One evening John Murray, one of Karen's stunt team mates in Indonesia, invited us over for a sumptuous dinner.

When my daughter arrived we had a good Australian steak at posh restaurant near Circular Key, and the next day I set off to Buenos Aires.

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